Tredreiing ~ Treskjæring ~ Trearbeid

Geir Nystuen

The mountains of The Dovrefjell Plateau have always inspired me to creativity!

The majestic mountain Snøhetta, Fokstumyra Nature Reserve with its famous bird life. The traces in the mountains of humans and animals, from the past and the present. The diversity of flowers and plants, the many rivers and lakes.

My father and my uncle grew up at Fokstua in Dovrefjell.

Their work with handcraft has given me inspiration in my own work.


So is it, that I set my traces - in wood!


The woodworking as an expression has been an important part of my life for a long time now. Wood is an exiting and good material to work with. It gives many posibilities. All my woodworks are handcrafted. Every piece gets its distinctive feature and expression!


"Todays handcraft = tomorrows herritages!" The traces of Dovrefjell go on.


I hope that You who buy my handcraft, can share some of the good feelings I experience while I am working with it!



Geir Nystuen

Self - thouhgt

Various courses at the course center of the Norwegian domestic crafts society.

Participation in different handcraft societies.

Woodworking profession since 1987

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